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Golf GTI Cabriolet to be announced in Geneva

About this time last year, I remember getting all excited after seeing the concept for the MK6 Golf Cabriolet. I read two articles about how it was “coming soon”; But, then there was radio silence for the better part of a year. Now, we are hearing rumors of the Cabriolet coming again. [...]

Another Dope mk5 Golf video from ilovebass

The title says it all; The boys from Northern Ireland have done it again and put together a sweet video of a white VW Golf on air with all custom red interior. What more could you ask for? (Source: ilovebass)

We Spoke Too Soon

(Source: Autoblog) Looks like we spoke a little too soon, Volkswagen will be coming out with there very own 35th anniversary edition GTI. This present to the VW community will be presented at Wörthersee in Germany later this month. This special edition GTI will be upped to a total 235 horsepower on top of a special set [...]

GTI Named Best Sporty Car

(Source: CNN Money) For many, consumer reports is an authority on car buying and this year the Volkswagen GTI was named the best sporty car. They summarize the GTI as “exhilarating to drive and easy to live with” which is definitely true. Well, unless you start to mod it, but that happens with any [...]

Volkswagen GTi W12

(Source: VW Vortex) Ludicrous, it’s the only word you can use to describe the Volkswagen GTi W12. Watching re-runs of the BBC’s Top Gear I came across this insane concept car. Produced in just eight weeks, engineers at Volkswagen just threw together different parts from their super cars into a wider body [...]

GTI to return to Nurburgring

(Source: Autoblog) Last week we talked about the 24 hours of Nurburing, and with the announcement that the GTI is going to return to the race this year, I’m even more excited. Volkswagen has decided to celebrate the the GTI’s 35th anaversary by having a brand new race spec GTI replace the Scirocco for this years [...]

Volkswagen Golf R to USA in 2012

It’s looking like the Volkswagen Golf R will make its debut in the USA for 2012 as the long wait for its release comes to an end. Word has gone back and forth on this hatch’s release in the US, and it’s now official that in 2012 it will be [...]

The New New Beetle

The 2012 New Beetle has been caught out testing without any camouflage.  This New New Beetle as some are calling it will be based off the VW MKVI platform and should be sporting a lot of the MKVI goodies.  It is rumored that the car will debut at the Los [...]