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Vossen Wheels at V2 Lab’s Mystery Meet

The V2 Lab’s Mystery Meet was an awesome street party full of all the best cars that Florida had to offer. Vossen was there with a booth giving away a free set of wheels to one lucky attendee. They also managed to film a sick video of their time at the [...]

Wheels of H2Oh so sexy

We all know that what you put on the end of your spindles plays a major part in setting your ride off from the crowds. In the current trend of just slap some Rotiforms on your ride and call it a day, I was quite surprised to see the plethora [...]

Girls of Rezmoto ADV.1 Wheels Photo shoot

Rezmoto has been a big fan of ADV.1 Wheels since their start. So, when we got the opportunity to do a photo shoot at their warehouse we couldn’t pass it up. There was only one problem, ADV.1 has hundreds pictures of their top cars. So, how did we set ourselves apart? Add beautiful women with the help [...]

ADV.1 Episode 1 “The Beginning”

ADV.1 in only a year and a half has emerged as one of the leaders in the wheel industry, and this new video chronicles its success. Done in a dramatic documentary style, the video shows how the crew put their heart and soul into ADV.1. The cars featured are also [...]

Crazy Colored BBS RS Wheels

(Source: If I told you that someone had a car with a different two-toned paint job on each wheel you would probably think I was crazy, or I was going to follow the statement up with “it was the ugliest car ever.” But, I’m not. Paul Hicklin’s Renault Clio was recently [...]

ADV.1 Giving Some VW love

(Source: ADV.1 Blog) ADV.1 recently posted a Slammed Volkswagen CC. They had some pretty nice things to say about VW owners “You want to know who some of the most dedicated and crazy car enthusiasts in the world are? …VW. Yup.” Coming from the guys who put wheels on some of the [...]

Project Kahn Audi A5

(Source: Kahn News) The boys over at Project Kahn, known for their high-end styling of luxury cars, have gone to work on the Audi A5. This kit means business. Included is a full body kit, 21-in RSL wheels, and the “bespoke touch” on the interior. Some of the most notable additions are the rear bumper and diffuser, along [...]