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Lotus Gets Punted

Lotus’ are know for being quick, nimble, lightweight and perfect for holding a keg, but all of these characteristics allowed the little sports car to get violently punted when it collided with another car. Last night a Lotus Exige and BMW 330ci knocked heads causing both cars to flip. Apparently, no [...]

Keg riding shotgun

Lotus’s are not known for being fast in a straight line; Light, small and agile, perhaps; Trunk space? Not here. One creative Lotus driver resorted to have his keg ride shotgun strapping it in with a seatbelt and all. Not a bad way to show up to a party. (Source: [...]

“Cars That Make You Cool”

(Source: Forbes) “Cars That Make You Cool” is the title of a new article up on I thought they must be kidding, but no. This article is the most stereotypical rich businessman’s guide to cool, it just says buy an expensive car. Forbes brought in expert, Ray Wert editor-in-chief of Jalopnik, who gave the words of [...]

2013 Lotus Esprit Trailer

A trailer video was recently released showing the new 2013 Lotus Esprit. With small sub-compact cars making a comeback in recent years with euro-mini’s such as the Smart Car, Mini Cooper, and Fiat , its no surprise to see Lotus coming out with a model of their own. The big [...]

Lotus F1 Track Day Car

Lotus, with absolutely no help from their F1 Racing Team, has developed an F1 type race car for the sole purpose of track day events.  For those with some deep pockets, £650,000 to be exact, they can pick up one of the 25 Exos Type 125’s.  The car will surely [...]

Wide-body Lotus Exige – Twin-Charged!

Not only is this lightweight turbocharged, it’s also supercharged.  Sporting a sexy wide-body kit, this Lotus is simply stunning.  I really like how the wing-lets on the front-end mimic the design of the vents on the hood. Meticulous attention went into how well the aero augments the lines of the [...]