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Audi e-bike

The dawn of the electric bike is upon us and Audi has upped the ante. Surprisingly, it is the auto manufacturers that are breaking new ground in bleeding edge bicycle technology. And why not, they have the budgets; they’re already using the technology; plus, it’s probably a sick project for [...]

Electric Bikes – The New Urban Transportation

The concept of strapping a small electric motor to a bicycle has been around for quite some time now. You usually see these home made electric bikes with a long haired hippy at the helm looking like it’s been cross country. So… it’s quite refreshing to see major manufacturers building [...]

Mini Cooper Shoes

(Source: Autoblog) Mini Cooper has always been a bit funky with their style. From having the Union Jack roof as an option on their cars to a bike that fits in the trunk, they do some cool stuff. The newest product from the Mini Lifestyle Collection is a dope set of sneakers. An attempt to [...]

Mini Bike

(Source: Autoblog) It seems that everyone has been investing in bikes: Audi, McLaren, BMW and now Mini. What’s cool is that all these bikes fit a different audience, McLaren went high tech, BMW was conventional, Audi went green, and now Mini is going, well mini. This bike is for the [...]

Hardwood Audi Bicycles

(Source: Renovo) While McLaren is going high-tech, it seems Audi is going natural with a new line of hardwood Bicycles. In a partnership with Renovo (a bike company that makes strictly wooden-framed bikes), Audi decided to make a green statement to go along with their energy conscious stance. There are three different [...]

Aston Martin Phone

(Source: Autoblog) Aston Martin and Mobiado have teamed up to make a phone that any driver would love to have. A pioneer in alternative car keys for years, Aston Martin was the first to use push button start. They also created a line of Jaeger-LeCoutre watches which will lock, unlock, and enable the [...]

McLaren Road Bike

(Source: Specialized) It seems that every euro-car company has made their version of a road bike, and now McLaren has stepped up. Partnered with Specialized Bikes these guys worked together to implement the latest and greatest in bike and carbon fiber technologies to create the Venge. Being one of the leaders in [...]

Five Fast Trailer

It’s here, the third trailer for the upcoming Five Fast movie. I can’t wait to see this next and supposedly final movie.  Although, there saying it’s the last one something tells me if it does well enough at the box office, we’ll see Vin Diesel and Paul Walker come back for a sixth. A [...]