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Cars on Fifth 2012

Words: Rob | Photos: Ruckus If there was one word to describe Cars on Fifth this year, it would be perfect. Located on the exclusive 5th street in Naples, Florida, Cars On 5th consists of blocks worth of Exotic and Classic cars flanked with the best shopping and restaurants that [...]

Five Fast Trailer

It’s here, the third trailer for the upcoming Five Fast movie. I can’t wait to see this next and supposedly final movie.  Although, there saying it’s the last one something tells me if it does well enough at the box office, we’ll see Vin Diesel and Paul Walker come back for a sixth. A [...]

Lamborghini LP560-4 vs Ford GT500

Well, not only does the Bull have the looks to kill, it also has the muscle. With all due respect, from a price point perspective, the Ford GT500 does win hands down… (MSRP: $46,725 US) The Lambo on the other hand, “if you have to ask, then you probably can’t [...]

EuroSunday Event – East Coast

EuroSunday is an event that was started by Sacramento Ferrari owners out in California. Well, now there is an East Coast event and it happens every 4th Sunday of the month. I found out about the event through a post on calling for all types of European vehicles. This [...]