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Clash Production’s Monza Trackday Teaser

7 reasons you will fall in love with the Gumpert Apollo… 650 HP Audi V8 Twin Turbo “Sophisticated Aero Dynamics” Double Wishbone, Double Transverse Control Arm Pushrod Configuration Front and Rear Chrome-molybdenum-steel Round Tube Frame Carbon Fiber Integrated Monocoque Safety Cell Intimidates the Most Interesting Man in the World Chuck [...]

Ferrari’s Official Promo for the F12 Berlinetta

(Source: Ferrari) Last night I had a brief conversation with my buddy Scott about Form & Function and how each relates and interacts with each other. We chuckled at some examples where Form definitely trumped Function. Then I came across Ferrari’s latest promo for their new F12 Berlinetta. Ferrari engineers [...]

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Dynamic Aero

Ferrari have just upped the ante when it comes to aerodynamics. Ferrari engineers, implementing wind management lessons from their Formula 1 race cars, have reduced drag and increased down-force a whopping 76%. Wow!

Cars on Fifth 2012

Words: Rob | Photos: Ruckus If there was one word to describe Cars on Fifth this year, it would be perfect. Located on the exclusive 5th street in Naples, Florida, Cars On 5th consists of blocks worth of Exotic and Classic cars flanked with the best shopping and restaurants that [...]

West Palm Beach Supercar Block Party

Last Friday night Erik and I decided to leave the old office and checkout’s West Palm Beach Supercar Block Party. Up to Palm Beach we went, finding a block of Clematis Street in Palm Beach shut down and filled up with exactly what you would expect; Supercars. All the [...]

Do you like it from behind?

Hopefully you can get your mind out of the gutter long enough to give this some thought; Do cars sometimes look better from behind than from the front? Check out the rear views of the Lamborghini Aventador and the Ferrari 458 Italia below and tell me these euro whips don’t [...]

24 Hours of Nurburgring 2011

What’s better than being track-side during one of racing’s most enduring races besides being one of the drivers? Being able to watch the multitude of perspectives uploaded to ‘The Network’ covering the 24 Hours of Nurburgring. This is where the engineering of these mechanical wonders and the perseverance of the [...]