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Porsche 9P1 Concept

Here at Rezmoto, we’re always talking about the future of automotive design. What will be the next big innovation? How will new technologies be incorporated into the performance industry? Well, this video of a “Porsche 9P1 Concept” by four students from ISD (Institut Supérieur de Design) certainly shows us one [...]

Hover Bike

(Source: Hover-Bike via Uncrate) It looks like a speeder out of Star Wars, but this bike is no prop. This hover bike, called Mallory, is an Australian design that has a lot of promise. Set up like a conventional motorcycle in the center, it is controlled by conventional handlebars we all know and love. [...]

Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro Worthersee Concept

(Source: Autoblog) Worthersee is the uncontested ultimate Volkswagen/Audi car show in the world. For 30 years this event has gone on, and both companies reward their customers for their loyalty with cool concepts like this year’s A1 Clubsport Quattro. This concept is the first A1 to feature all-wheel drive, a [...]

Lamborghini Sesta Elemento Announcement

(Source: Autoblog) Lamborghini first showed off the Sesta Elemento at the Paris Motor Show last year. This beast will be the next limited run car, like the Reventon was in 2008. The supercar will have a weight of only 2,200 pounds and be powered by the Gallardo’s 5.2-liter V10, then [...]

Gumpert Apollo Prototype 001

(Source: GT Spirit and Jordan Shiraki) The Apollo was the flagship car for the Gumpert brand and now there is a new prototype simply called 001. The German super car company has decided to update their first car and power it with a tuned Audi 4.2 liter V8 which produces 650hp.  The powerful engine [...]

Audi Quattro Might Be Produced

(Source: Might is the key word, but rumors from Audi say that they are taking steps that may allow a new Quattro to be produced. Shown at the Paris Motor Show last year, the concept turned a lot of heads. Audi’s Quattro division, the section responsive for their quicker S, RS, [...]

BMW’s M Garage

After last weeks sneak peak of Plant 0 we have another inside look at BMW’s M Garage. Many of the M concepts don’t make it out of the drawing room, but the ones that get stuck in limbo between paper and production are sent to a special underground garage. A [...]

Volkswagen GTi W12

(Source: VW Vortex) Ludicrous, it’s the only word you can use to describe the Volkswagen GTi W12. Watching re-runs of the BBC’s Top Gear I came across this insane concept car. Produced in just eight weeks, engineers at Volkswagen just threw together different parts from their super cars into a wider body [...]