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SOWO 2013

Well, we’re just now getting back into the groove of things after the 12 hour up, 12 hour back drive from Miami to Helen, GA for the annual SOWO Euro Car Show. If you own a modified Euro anywhere on the East Coast and you weren’t at SOWO 2013, there [...]

Mechanical Synfonica

Format67 productions are simply inspiration. Everything they produce is of utmost paramount quality and it is the attention to detail that makes all their projects stick out from the sea of mediocrity. The epic themed “Mechanical Synfonica” again delivers and I’ve watched it over and over again taking notes along [...]

Mike K Media and a Matte BMW

It’s funny how things just pop up on Facebook from time to time and you have no idea how they got there. A friend of a friend happened to like this kid’s new professional page Mike K Media and to my surprise it had a sick video of a  matte [...]

BMW Joins Foray with 4-Door BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe

BMW have finally joined the 4-door coupe segment with their all new BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe. I say ‘meh’, looks a lot like a regular 4-do0r compared to the original Mercedes CLS or the exotic looking Audi A7. I just don’t think it’s ‘Coupe’ enough. Let’s see if BMW’s ‘M’ [...]

BMW Tri-Turbo Diesel V6 Animation

Check out this in-depth CGI view of BMW’s latest Tri-Turbo Diesel V6 outputting 381hp and 550 lb·ft. This motor will be packaged in the new BMW M550d X-drive. X-drive meaning all-wheel-drive for the ‘newbs’. A very interesting solution to stay in boost throughout the entire rev range.